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Martian Ape by TopHatTruffles
Martian Ape
So i was bored after my classes today so I thought I'd draw a martian ape-like thing. 
Foxy- Five Nights at Freddy's by TopHatTruffles
Foxy- Five Nights at Freddy's
My girlfriend and I just beat this game and well, I couldn't resist. 
My favorite character deserves a doodle and some human mush. 
Realistic Pokemon Page 11 by TopHatTruffles
Realistic Pokemon Page 11
Or as it could appropriately be titled: I really freaking hate birds. :icongahhhplz:

Okay guys so first things first; I'd like to do some advertising if I might be so bold. 
I just uploaded the first chapter of my new comic, Oneiroi. The story centers around Curtis, a nightmare-prone, anxiety-ridden high school student who is visited by one of the ancient greek gods of dreams- and Oneiroi named Somniatis. 
            If you're into nightmares and comics, then check it out here. If you're into greek gods and myths, keep checking back for updates. 

I also uploaded the prologue to a sci-fi that I'm currently writing. I don't know if I'm going to be uploading the entire book onto the internet, but I do want to put a few chapters out there to get you all interested. It's a cute story about First Contact, but told from the perspective of one of the aliens visiting earth, and his friendship with a young human girl. 
            So if you love Sci-Fi and you love cute things, or if you just wanna see some of my writing skills in action beyond pokedex descriptions, check it out here. 

I really appreciate your feedback, guys. Thanks so much! 

And now for the entries. 


Originally, the Magnemite was a science experiment involving self-constructing metal termites that could build their way out of tough situations and build themselves into machines in small areas where human scientists couldn't reach. After several months, the experiment escaped into the wild, causing a brief devastation to surrounding wildlife. As it would turn out, the termites eventually began to settle on a single form that it would continuously build itself as. Scientists who have observed the short-lived evolution of the magnemites say that their final form were small metal balls with two horseshoe-shaped attachments on either end that would both repel and attract magnetism from its body at such a high speed that it could remain airborne. As their efforts progressed, there were less and less wild termites, and possibly millions of stable magnemites. They have since made old warehouses into hives where they recycle the termites will dissipate and recycle themselves when the magnemite-body is too damaged to go on. The magnemite can conjure great electric power from the static in the air around it, resulting in very impressive electrical attacks. The magnemite's voice sounds like a deep guttural whisper and chills the bones of anyone caught near the hives. The Magnemite are found exclusively in the Kanto region. 

In some instances, magnemites will choose to link together for one reason or another. These links are almost exclusively in numbers of three, however two or four have been reported. These links give them more power and make their voices even creepier. 

The Farfetch'd is an extremely intelligent species of duck found mostly in the White Bamboo forests of the Kanto region. The Farfetch'd usually carries a blunt instrument in its beak as self-defense. Given it's native location, it is usually a stick of white bamboo, but it can take many other forms. The farfetch'd are very cunning birds that seem to have a love of deceiving nearby trainers and other humans to steal their food, instead of hunting.  

The Dodrio is a very curious breed of large bird. The Dodrio are hatched from their eggs as underdeveloped siamese triplets, almost every time. As a chick, or a Doduo, the creature has one head on the top of its stubby body, and two more directly underneath, not yet split in two, however, making them look like one. Since the three heads share the same stomach, the top head is able to sustain the bottom two when it eats for them. Very soon after hatching, the two bottom heads finally split and begin to develop into their fuller form. Although it has three separate brains, the Dodrio seems to be fairly good at communicating and surviving peacefully. Given its unique evolutionary situation, many Doduo do not survive long after hatching. Many families of dodrio will have several offspring before one is successful. In order to grow properly, the parents must hide the baby doduo in an environment with little to no predators. These combined inconveniences make is a very rare, and very defensive species. 


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Altogether, I'm really proud of this. I still hate drawing birds. What are wings even. 


Vince Marcellino
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Basically I'm just a weird guy making his way through a weird world with my weird art.
I'm a story writer, as well as a visual artist, an animator and a video director. I love making any kind of art that conveys an idea, and I love moving mediums.
I grew up in a small town without much in the way of artistic enthusiasm. My father got me started with art when I was very young, and I haven't been able to stop since. When I was around 13 years old, I really wanted to try my hand at video, and then of course get famous on youtube. Of course that has yet to happen, but I love filming still and I am not about to give up my dreams of producing thought-inducing stories.
As of currently (July 2014 for any of you future readers) I have just graduated high school, and I'm on my way to college in the fall.

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