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Wed Mar 9, 2016, 10:11 PM
Sup, Nerds?
    I know it's been a while since I've actually posted anything on here, and it seems like I've been posting a lot of similar-looking stuff. I'm aiming to change that in the coming few months. As for the lack in the quantity of my work, things have been a little hectic on my end. Money, Work, College, all that fun stuff. I had a few midterms during the past week, but this week, I'm enjoying a calm spring break. Next week, back to midterms. Ugh. 
    Before all the hectic school stuff though, I was hired for a pretty big job. I can't really say what that job was yet, only that my part is completed now. If said project goes where my client wants it to go, then I might have even more jobs in the future, and I will be able to tell you about those jobs. If the project doesn't go anywhere, then I suppose I could probably explain it then, too. As for now though, it's a super-secret. 
    I'm still trying to find a literary agent who can help me get my book published. I actually had a pretty big-name company tell me that they'd like to publish it, but then waited until right before I signed the contract to tell me that they wanted me to pay $9000 to do so -.- If any of you know any agents that specialize in Science Fiction, Adventure, and/or young adult fiction, let me know. 
    In the meantime, I've been writing up some ideas for a new comic I might start drawing. Well, a few comics actuallyand a new novel, but I've gotten particularly far in writing a short series that I'm calling 'Anomalies'. I'm a little all over the place in terms of the story, but the premise would be something along the lines of "ghost hunters in a sci-fi setting". 
Sapphiere Oshiro by TopHatTruffles
    This would be the main character of the series, a 17-year-old witch named Saph. More to come on this story as I continue writing it. 

Also, I'm realizing that I've never officially advertised my other sites on here. 
Follow me on Tumblr
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More to come soon. 
Thanks so much, guys!

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Vince Marcellino
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Basically I'm just a weird guy making his way through a weird world with my weird art.
I'm a story writer, as well as a visual artist, an animator and a video director. I love making any kind of art that conveys an idea, and I love moving mediums.
I grew up in a small town without much in the way of artistic enthusiasm. My father got me started with art when I was very young, and I haven't been able to stop since. When I was around 13 years old, I really wanted to try my hand at video, and then of course get famous on youtube. Of course that has yet to happen, but I love filming still and I am not about to give up my dreams of producing thought-inducing stories.
As of currently (July 2014 for any of you future readers) I have just graduated high school, and I'm on my way to college in the fall.


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ScaredyScrow Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I adore your rich colors
TopHatTruffles Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thank you :U
Inky-Shade Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Like your style too, dude C:
C4rl0sD4n13l Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016
Ok, I am a bit short of personalized phrases for each birthdays, so I hope that will be good for you..... and sorry for the delay:

Singing Singing Today's gonna be a-okSinging Singing 
Singing Singing 'Cause we're celebratin' your birthdaySinging Singing 
Singing Singing 
Singing Singing Happy birthday, VinceSinging Singing 
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Singing Singing Celebratin' your birthday!Headbang! Headbang! Headbang! Headbang!
Airborne Airborne Airborne Airborne Airborne Airborne Airborne Airborne Airborne 

I wish you a Happy Birthday and that all your wishes of Birthday are accomplished. 

And remember, keep being cool and classy.

PS: I love your creations, very beautiful.
Fanficwriter1 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I chose you! Happy Birthday!
dADroid-bot Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016
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Ashlmet Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015

I don't think I have yet- but I just wanted to stop by and thank you for watching! It really means a lot!!

TopHatTruffles Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Oh no problem! keep up the awesome work, like I'm really jealous of your style xD
Neko-brush Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Student General Artist
Sorry for the spam but I just found your stuff and it's just gorgeous! Keep up the amazing work!
TopHatTruffles Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much! That means a lot I really appreciate it :DD
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