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Vince Marcellino
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Basically I'm just a weird guy making his way through a weird world with my weird art.
I'm a story writer, as well as a visual artist, an animator and a video director. I love making any kind of art that conveys an idea, and I love moving mediums.
I grew up in a small town without much in the way of artistic enthusiasm. My father got me started with art when I was very young, and I haven't been able to stop since. When I was around 13 years old, I really wanted to try my hand at video, and then of course get famous on youtube. Of course that has yet to happen, but I love filming still and I am not about to give up my dreams of producing thought-inducing stories.
As of currently (July 2014 for any of you future readers) I have just graduated high school, and I'm on my way to college in the fall.


Matt Murdock by TopHatTruffles
Matt Murdock
I really loved Daredevil okay :iconhnnngplz:

Real talk- I haven't actually done black & white before. Not in photoshop anyway. In the beginning I thought it would be much easier than I originally thought, but I eventually thought it was going to be harder than it turned out to be. Altogether I like it, I think i might work with this color scheme more often. 
Rebirth by TopHatTruffles
So this is a realistic self portrait... ish. More specifically, this is a portrait of a character that I would be playing in my scripted series Synwood Valley. The character's name is Noah Ledford, and he has somewhat of a bizarre history. I can't really say too much without giving away a major story arc, but he's appeared a couple times in some previous videos on my Project OV channel in much more mundane situations. Check those out here.
Throwback Monday: Rett by TopHatTruffles
Throwback Monday: Rett
I've realized that I don't really upload any traditional work, but I wanna make it clear that I actually do a lot of it. Here's a portrait that I just finished the other day of one of my favorite characters from mid-high school. Rett is an emotionally conflicted 15-year-old alien child living on a massive, albeit slow-moving spaceship 'Athena 561'. 
It's been a while since I've worked with this story but I have it archived for later. 

#2 Graphite
7B Pencil
Welcome to Night Vale- movie poster by TopHatTruffles
Welcome to Night Vale- movie poster
So my final project for my drawing class this semester was a movie poster on whatever I wanted to do- so I decided on Welcome to Night Vale. It always seemed to me that if there were to be a Night vale movie, Carlos would be the main protaganist and cecil would be the love interest. The story just happened to be told through Cecil. 

So anyway- I did this entirely in black and purple ink. Hope you all like it!
Realistic Pokemon Page 12 by TopHatTruffles
Realistic Pokemon Page 12
Hey guys it's been a while. So I'm recently getting a lot more attention on this series due to an article written about Pokemon artists on Dorkly. So I thought it was time to upload another installment. It's been too long. 

Dewgong and its child form, Seel, are a very docile species of Seal with white or grey skin. They spend most of their lives in caves, surrounded by ice and water. They are very calm creatures and stay very friendly towards humans. However, in the face of danger they can be very violent and have a habit of splintering shards of ice with their tails and flinging them at their opponents. 

Muk are one of the most bizarres species ever discovered. They are of the animal group Margaritus, a newly discovered branch of the animal kingdom that seems to be somewhere between lizards and marsupials. They live primarily in thick swamps with decaying plants to eat. They lack a conventional digestive tract and excrete all foods and liquids they consume through pores on their back and scalp. Their species has grown in population in the past few centuries as newer factories export large amounts of waste which they seem to be capable of consuming. They move slowly on land, dragging their weight by their arms but move fairly quickly in water. 

Cloyster are among the largest species of clam, excluding those that survive without being eaten or damaged for centuries. They are also the only known species to have a large brain capable of making decisions that can save them from predators. They have jets in the back of their shell that spew water that they ingest from the front of their body, propelling them forward at speeds similar to a squid. Their sharp horns have been known to take down sharks and other large animals.

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