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Vince Marcellino
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Basically I'm just a weird guy making his way through a weird world with my weird art.
I'm a story writer, as well as a visual artist, an animator and a video director. I love making any kind of art that conveys an idea, and I love moving mediums.
I grew up in a small town without much in the way of artistic enthusiasm. My father got me started with art when I was very young, and I haven't been able to stop since. When I was around 13 years old, I really wanted to try my hand at video, and then of course get famous on youtube. Of course that has yet to happen, but I love filming still and I am not about to give up my dreams of producing thought-inducing stories.
As of currently (July 2014 for any of you future readers) I have just graduated high school, and I'm on my way to college in the fall.


The Gettleback by TopHatTruffles
The Gettleback
Well I'm working on a short story right now that takes place on a very far-off planet called Ore. I had mentioned cattle in the beginning but I did not mean cows. 

The Gettleback is an abundant species of thick-skinned, mammal-like creature native to the country environment of the planet Ore. They travel in large herds across long stretches of land, grazing plants and keeping to their own. They are gentle creatures despite their bizarre appearence. The thick leathery skin of their back protects them against predatory birds, and keeps their muscles warm in the colder months. The bones on the outside of their jaws accommodate their diet of thick plants and roots, allowing them to dig up the tastier treats from the ground. They are born with two sets of light-sensing organs on either side of the skull. They are somewhat different than eyes in the sense that they capture both light and heat. In a way, they have two distinct senses of sight, totaling six senses. When it is dark, these "eyes" will protrude several inches from the skull and glow a light orange color. At night, the resting herd will light up a field with a dim orange. 
The humans that set up modestly-sized villages in the countrysides of Ore have adopted the Gettleback as a new form of cattle. Like cows, they are friendly, gentle, and provide a good source of rich milk and meat (the taste of which is said to be a bit sweeter, and the consistency to be more like poultry). Their leather is commonly used in clothing, as it is thicker than cow skin, but just as light.
Those Bright Eyes by TopHatTruffles
Those Bright Eyes
They say that fear of the dark only implies fear of what lies beyond it. It’s a simple construct. If you can’t see anything in the shadows that remain when you turn off the lights, then who’s to say that something grotesque isn’t waiting for you just a few mere feet or inches away? It’s the possibility of the situation that sends shivers down your spine, not the reality of it. There could be absolutely nothing there, but your brain will always tell you otherwise. Your brain fills the empty closet with a skeleton, the vacant under of the bed with a corpse, or the shadows of the night with the faint outline of a face just before you drift off to sleep. Probably, anyway. That’s the best part: Not knowing. If you don’t know for certain that you’re safe, then you’re free to speculate every other possibility.


Well I'm furious tonight about multiple things so here's a ragepaint with an excerpt from a short story I'm working on.
Sol System Map by TopHatTruffles
Sol System Map
While I was at college, I drew an old-style map of the Sol System in thick ink on a large piece of paper. It's currently hanging on my dorm room wall, but I did take pictures of the individual locations on the map so I could piece them together on photoshop. In doing so, I also decided to age the paper and give it lots of coffee stains. This map contains the 8 planets and their largest moons. Keep in mind that this map comes from a future in which all of the inner worlds and most of the exo-moons have been terraformed and inhabited. I had also come up with the idea that Jupiter would have a massive dome built over its exterior, covered with supercontinents and vast oceans (maybe at around the year 100,000 or so). 

Throughout most of Sol's history, Earth has remained the capitol. 

Hope you guys enjoy!
Okay well it's almost a website. I have a weebly page up but I haven't bothered to buy a domain name for it just yet. I want to try building up more of a following behind my work before I start spending money on the name. But, domain name or not, I would love it if some of you awesome lads, lasses and all betwixt would take a look at it.

Check it out Here. I'm still working on a more unique style to the site but I feel like it's definitely a good start.

The Website basically catalogues everything in Project OV, which is basically a large universe of my creation which is held aloft by multiple unrelated stories. It's also the only place where you'll be able to read my new Webcomic- Devil's Contract: Deals. The comic is going to be based on the events that happen after the main characters from The Devil's Contract team up and begin to do business together. (The Devil's Contract was a short film that :iconheathen-god: and I shot last summer)

On this website, you will find pages dedicated to my original characters, original characters donated, written stories, movies, and comics that all take place in the Project OV universe. 

Thank you so much, guys, and happy 2015!
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